DAD Birthday Party 6 years ago

DAD Birthday Party 6 years ago
St. Clair, Solsky, Jesse, and P.Star

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer 2011

Recovery Update

It's been a while since my last blog post, and I know that you are probably wondering whats up with my recovery. I have to say, though my back is healing, it's been a slow process, but things are going well.

Physical therapy has been decreased from 3 times a week, to 2 times a week. Things are taking longer than what I expected, but I have accepted the fact that now I have to take things slower than what I used to before. I'll see my specialist again at the end of the month, and I hope he gives me some good news about my back so I can be okay to go work out and things like that.

I've been overwhelmed with so many things lately; it's been too hectic to work on the blog. I was juggling a number of projects that I am really excited about. I have been working on beauty pageants, consulting with different labels, working on two videos P-Star starred in and of course the most important thing: recovering from my surgery.

Projects in the Making

I am currently still working on the TV show pilot call “Mediators”, which goes deep into the lives of bullies and their victims. We have a host of different celebrities, one per show, who will do interventions in these volatile situations. The celebrity will sit the bully down, talk with them, mentoring them as well as the victim. The purpose of this show is to instill new-found confidence in them, so they will be impacted enough in life for things to change. The goal is for the bully to see the error of his ways, and for the victim to rebuild their self-esteem and no longer be victimized.

Another exciting project is the American beauty pageant pilot. It's a competition like no other, because the focus is not solely on outer beauty, but on inner beauty as well. As such, our competition will have contestants that might not make it to other pageants. We want to build their character as well as reinforcing their self-esteem. Adding to unique flavor of this contest, we will have an all American boy and all American girl winner.

Family Happenings

Mother's day passed. It's a day when everyone can sit back and appreciate those mothers that dedicated their lives for their children, as I and other parents have, sacrificed their lives for their children. I had a wonderful Mother's day. As you know, I am a single father and taking care of my kids is priority. My kids realized that, and so they celebrated with me as if I were mom on Mother's Day. I received flowers and gifts from my kids, which is funny since they only gave me a card on Father's Day! (LOL) As a parent we watch our kids grow and we guide them in the right direction. Seeing how they have grown is truly a blessing to my heart.

When I look at my girls, I can see the fruits of my labor. Solsky finished high school, got a job and is getting ready to go to college. Priscilla finished school this year, and is going to the next grade with honors. I'm a proud parent because I did the best I could teaching them right from wrong, work ethic, and giving them a great education. In the upcoming year will be getting more involved with their education. Priscilla will go back to high school this fall, where I was nominated and elected into the position of Vice President for the Parents Board Association. I was honored. The one thing we need more than anything in this world is education.

Another proud moment for me was my daughter, Priscilla's 17th birthday. She decided-instead of a party, that she would go be with the military children. She was able to film a video with the children.

It was such a beautiful thing for her to do on her birthday. She didn't have to do it, but she felt that it was more needful to give back to the community than it was to celebrate her birthday.

Priscilla's selfless act made me want to give her a celebration she would never forget. So, I gave her a birthday party on Saturday. It was a full on all teen birthday party. I was the only adult there, but they had a great safe time. Priscilla thanked me so much for having this great party for her. It was one of the happiest times of her life.

Diaz Family Productions On the Road

We started promoting the upcoming album called “The Reintroduction of Miss P-Star”. It's an album that will solidify her as a positive role model to educate people in life in general. The first show we did was outdoors at the Puerto Rican festival, where she was able to perform a song from the album. The concert went great. The song was well received.

On that same day we had to go to Staten Island for the film festival, where we performed as part of the Children's Literacy Society, who sponsored the film for that event. It's a great organization that promotes literacy for all children. P-Star is honored to be the face of such an organization.

They also showed the P-star movie. We were overwhelmed, as there were lots of people with lots of questions. The next day the movie won an award for “best audience choice for a documentary”, which is another one on our sleeves (yay!). It's very exciting to know that the movie is being seen all over the world. We get great feedback from the fans, and I get nice compliments about being a good father. Of course you get the negative ones, but that's part of life. You can’t please everyone.

As you see I posted new videos of P-Star. She directed them both videos, which were shot in here. She has set yet another two records not only by being the first, but also the youngest, American to rap in Japanese.

She is working with my artist Jay Wise who is a wonderful kid. He has been working with me for 8 years. He developed from a street kid out of Washington Heights to this wonderful humble man who dedicates his music to everyone. Jay truly puts passion into his work. I have never seen anyone work the way he works … on his music and life. He has an album coming out soon named “The Wake Up Call”. Jay Wise and P-Star are working on another album together along with a few other artists. That project is called DFE “The Super Group”, but the name could change. Currently, he has a single called “King of the Jungle” as well as a song called “Teach Me How To Fly” featuring P-star.

So don't forget to check out the videos, the songs, and watch for Jay Wise and P-Star's albums, both coming out soon.

We are very fortunate and blessed and I thank God for all the wonderful things He has done for me. I truly enjoy life itself. I get it. I truly understand how people are. I could go on and on and write about all the revelations I have received through this life, but I will save the whole life story for my book. Its title is not set yet, but it will be a good book about single parents.

Help Me Find My Brother

Sad part … I have a twin brother that I haven’t seen in over 25 years.

Wow! A Twin brother! Yeah, my fraternal twin brother. His name is Alex. I have been trying to look for him, even though when we were doing the documentary we thought we found him. Unfortunately, we were a day late, as he had been released from prison right before we arrived. I tried to get his address from the lawyer, but there was no known address for him. I feel so deeply that I need to find him, especially knowing that he isn't aware of our mom and our sister passing away. His kids, Michael and Steven, ask for him all the time. I wonder what he is out there doing now. We don’t know if he is still a criminal or on drugs, but I have to make this a mission. He is my brother, so good or bad; I have to know for myself what is going on with him and where his is now.

His full name is Alejandro Jesus Diaz. If you are reading this blog and see this, if you know someone who knows someone, or if you have hears anything about him please don't hesitate to contact me. I know he is nowhere but in California, so please contact me and let me know. I have to see if I can find him.

I promise I won’t take another four month to write blogs. I will try to do at least one per month. I promise I will NOT take this long again!

I know you guys wanted to know what's going on with us. Feel free to comment or ask questions, but the most important thing is to help me find my brother. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Until next time...

Jesse Jess Diaz


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